Having a not so good yarny day

Recently I bought a Huglight, it’s like a book light but has bendable arms you can wrap around your neck. I was really excited to get it in the mail the other day, until I couldn’t get the battery cover to stay and tossed it. I do lat sometimes, I’m impulsive that way.

Yesterday I decided to buy some batteries and try again. I got home, dug the light out of the trash and … couldn’t find the battery cover. I put the batteries in and tried taping a piece of cardboard over them and wrapping it around, didn’t work. I put the light in the drugstore bag and went to bed.

Today was laundry day, I picked up my hat and there was the battry cover, I put in in the light and what do you know but it worked! I got the rest of my stuff together and went to the laundromat (I didn’t take the light).

While waiting for my clothes I went to a local coffee shop/bar, which is what I always do because 1) bathrooms, 2) cold drinks. I take my knitting with me but can’t do it because it’s too dark. I guess they turned the lights off because it was happy hour and no one wants to know who starts drinking at 1 in the afternoon I guess.

When I got home, even before I finished my laundry I decided to do some knitting. This is the 10-stitch blanket I’m working on. I knit a corner, it looked good, problem was it was in the middle of the side, not where a corner should be. When I realized what I had done, I unraveled it and started to reknit it. That was when I realized I had 9 stitches on my needle. Yes a 10-stitch blanket is supposed to have 10 stitches on the needles. Since I couldn’t tell where I had dropped a stitch, I had to tink row by row until I found it. I got it done but now feel like I’ve wasted time. 


NYC Yarn Crawl

NYC Yarn Crawl 2017 was last weekend, 15-17 September 2017. Like last year I went with my knitting group. I looked at it as an opportunity to rush madly about the city with like minded ladies, I was not going to buy yarn or spend a lot of money. Well …. you can probably guess what happened to that determination. Like last year the pretty yarn started speaking to me and I crumbled. I also got three new circular needles for me and one for Z, and some Purple Baby Alpaca for Em because she needs a pretty present. Check out the pictures below, or go to my instagram account @NYCPhotoUES to see the captions.

A Prince is born

This is the second Pincha scarf I have made. The first one was made with the color way “Purple Haze” hence the name ‘Ode to Jimi’. The color way for this yarn is Purple Rain. Get the picture?

I know this is not knitting 

This blanket has been a wip for forever, not literally but longer then I care to admit. I finally got it out, unfolded it and realized it was almost done. I sewed on the motifs I had finished, crocheted enough to finish the last row, and then decided that instead of crocheting the border and fill-in sections I would knit them. So far it looks great.

Double knitting 

I just finished my third DK project. I’m got the knitting down pretty good but the cast on and off look bad.

This is my first project, I got the chart off the internet and used the kitchener method to bind off.

My friend got a pattern for a pussy hat made in the double-knitting style. She couldn’t figure it out so she sent it back. In order to understand what the designer wanted I knit a mini hat, then gave it to my teddy bear. I tried and failed with the kitchener for this project.

This is my most recent project another butterfly. This project got ‘frogged’ three times. I modified my original chart to make it look more like a butterfly. Some people say it looks more like a bat. I did make a mistake but left it and used a regular bind off.

I gave this to a co-worker, she said: Oh what a cute coaster! FISTBUMP for knowing what it was.

Another koozie

I taught myself Entrelac knitting. Then I decided to learn how to do it in the round so I knit this beer bottle koozie. I’m pleased with how it turned out. I also learned how to knit an iCord so that is what the bind off is instead of a picot edging like my other koozies.

It started with a dress

A red wool dress, this dress. You can tell by the ruler a very small dress. I checked out a book titled “Knit Red” because February is go red for women’s heart health awareness month. The dress also has three (3) firsts for me. 1. The first item I have knitted with wool. 2. The first time I have knitted an i-cord. 3. First time doing grafting or Kitchener stitch. It was a fun quick knit and it now hangs on my bulletin board at work.

Finishing up this dress encouraged me to pick up another small project, these little gloves. Click on the picture to go to my ravelry project page to see all the pictures I took.

One glove was done and the second one was almost to the end of the ribbing. That left the hand and fingers which really doesn’t take very long but I did make one major goof, which is kind of funny. First the back-story. I am making these gloves for Zara, who thinks I frog too many projects. Her usual comment when I say: “I made a mistake.” is, “You are the only one who will see it.” Back to the gloves, after I finished increasing for the thumb, I started knitting the rest of the hand, I had too many stitches, and couldn’t figure out what I had done, so I just decided to decrease and keep going, I sent a message to Zara, “I made a huge mistake on your gloves, but you won’t see it so oh well!” “Yay! That’s the spirit!” she replies. After I finished the first finger, I realized my mistake was I forgot what size gloves I was making.

In conclusion, I’m just going to mail her the gloves and hope she doesn’t notice or read this blog post.

Also I am not in love with this yarn and am not sure what to do with the rest of it.

To fill you in on what I’ve been doing

These two scarves are the same pattern, it’s called “Workday” you can find it on Ravelry. One is made with a variegated  acrylic and the other is black alpaca.

This is another alpaca scarf or shawl if I have enough yarn. It’s the “Hitchhiker”. It’s for my friend who is graduating from college this spring so I’m kind of under the gun to get it done.

Not sure you can see the “B” in the black section but it’s there. This is for my friend who’s a Bruins fan, black stripes for wins and gold for losses.

This shawl is called Sweet Seventeen because you should end up with 17 of the stripes that end in a heart shape. This yarn is Loops & Threads Woolike and is very soft. I like this pattern but I’m taking a break while I finish the scarves that I have a deadline for.

How 10 stitches saved a WIP in prison. 

Another WIP I wanted to get to is this cotton blanket. I didn’t have a pattern, if I remember correctly I saw the blanket in a knitting magazine, bought a bunch of cotton yarn and started knitting, first a rectangle, then stripes all around the sides. This necessitated putting stitches from the side I had finished on a stitch holder when i went to the next side. After a while there were too many stitches for a holder and I started putting the stitches on a circular needle. Besides making for a rather cumbersome project, this meant not being able to use these needles and not being to accurately tell how big the blanket was.

When I decided to finish some WIP this year, I thought of this blanket and wondered what in the world to do with it. I didn’t want to undo it, I had done a considerable amount of work but had no idea how to continue. Than I saw the “10 Stitch Blanket”. It looked similar to my blanket but much nicer. I downloaded the pattern and did a small test knit. Not wanting to restart my blanket I had to figure out how to adapt the 10 Stitch to what I already had, as you can see, I figured something out.

This is the 10 Stitch Blanket, yes I stole the picture, don’t tell the designer. Clicking on the picture will take you to the pattern page on Ravelry where you can download this pattern for free.