Crafting melds

What do I mean by crafting melds? Do I mean combining knit and crochet? No, that is bistitualness. I am talking about putting two completely different crafts together. Like brewing and knitting. I like craft beer, I drink craft beer and I knit at craft breweries. I also make things for some of the drink containers used by craft brewers. The first one, the pink and white bag to the left is the most recent growler bag I’ve made. A 32 ounce growler can fit very nicely in it. I started with an 8 stitch cast-on, then increased 8 stitches every other row until the circle covered the bottom of the growler. Then I knit straight up. For this growler I decided to make it a little fancy and did a diamond design using yarn overs and decreases. I knit 3 stitches together to get the two decreases I needed for the diamond shape. I also ran out of pink variegated and finished up with a yarn Em gave me, which was a little different than the pink. Overall, I am pleased with it.

img_0629-1Whenever I learn a new stitch I immediately want to knit it in the round. You might say I have an obsession with it. This is not my first Entrelac in the round project, that was a koozie. I don’t know if I have a picture of it. Maybe in an earlier post. This was also started with an 8 stitch cast-on, like the one above, then I started the Entrelac. This growler is fuller, kind of glove shaped instead of more straight up and down. This growler bag is big enough to carry a 64-oz growler or a 4 pack of cans. I haven’t used it for either yet, I don’t normally get 64 ounces of beer since I don’t think I can drink that in an evening and with growlers, the beer needs to be drunk rather quickly after the growler is opened. I also just discovered it was big enough for the bigger growlers.

This is the second growler bag I made. The stitches are a combination of regular knit and elongated knit. There is ribbing at the top and icord handles. You may have noticed the others also have icord handles except the crocheted one. I don’t have a picture of the first one I made, it met a rather sad demise. I took it to Other Half to get a growler and get it filled. I was excited to try out my new design. Leaving Other Half and walking down the sidewalk to the subway, I dropped the growler. I was holding it with my hand, and the handles slipped out of my grip. I picked up the bag, it was filled with broken glass and dripping beer. A man walked past me and laughed at me. I decided I wasn’t carrying a beer soaked bag that was a reminder of my shattered hopes and dreams home and proceeded to toss it. This bag almost met a similar fate, I dropped another growler, I was holding it with my hand, I now loop the handles around my wrist. I still have this one because I dropped it inside the brewery and the bartender rinsed it out for me. I still had to redo it because the glass cut some of the yarn.

After knitting a few I decided to try my hand at crocheting one. This is the C2C stitch, for those not familiar with crochet that stands for “Corner to Corner”, you are knitting on the diagonal. First I made a square for the bottom, then I started doing the C2C, up to make the sides. I can’t really explain it, maybe someday I’ll make a video if anyone is interested.

The rest of these are can koozies. The purple one is for a regular can. The others fit the 32-oz can crowlers from craft breweries. The purple and variegated one with words on it was planned to fit the crowler. The Yankee logo one was not. I did it double knit, not realizing it would make it bigger. The bottom is single thickness, then I added stitches by k1, yo1. Next row I started double-knitting. I made a few mistakes, but all in all it was a learning experience.


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