Year of the wip

Wip=work in progress
The knitters in my knitting group talk about projects being put in ‘time-out’. Some of mine have been there so long it has become ‘long term confinement’. We’re talking prison time not jail. I decided this year i would dig out my wip’s and finish them. So far that hasn’t happened.

What has happened is when i’ve gotten my wip out, i’ve taken them apart and used the yarn for a new project. A cotton sweater (that was almost finished!) is now pads for Swiffer and washclothes. This wip was going to be a blanket. It still is, just a different pattern. Mainly because i don’t remember the old pattern and decided i really don’t like knitting on huge needles.

The pattern is a mitered square blanket. I found the directions on Tikki. Check it out, kind of tricky but not really hard. Also a good way to use up leftover yarn.

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Summer beauty

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Unsolicited advice 

Today (or last night) i posted this on Facebook. It was posted in a private group but this is my picture so I can post it here. After a while someone posted the following comment: “Put it in Time Out, then throw it away & buy a nicer yarn & start the pattern again!”

I’ve been doing a slow burn since then. First because I wasn’t asking for advice. If you look at the post you can see I was just venting. Second was the phrase: “buy a nicer yarn”. That really burns me up. It seems rather condescending. Like I am a worse knitter because I use inexpensive yarn. Yes the yarn is ___ (insert chain craft store name here” brand and not expensive, but it is very nice yarn. The purple is knitting up like a dream. The only problem I’m having with the purple is because of the size, and I would have that problem no matter what yarn I used. I am severely allergic to wool so I can’t knit with it. This is the first time I’m doing knitting this pattern, I never use expensive yarn for the first time since the first time has a tendency to end up being a hot mess. At least in my experience.

After all the work and time I put into this project I’m going to throw it away? No way! I want to post a comment in response, “I didn’t ask for advice so please stop telling me what to do”, but I feel that be construed as being “Snarky” and I just might get thrown out for that.


Swiffer pad or adventures in crocheting

So Em suggested a crocheted swiffer pad might work better. I got out the pattern and made my chain, then i did my first DC, then the chain twisted around and i couldn’t do the second DC, i undid the crochet stitch and tried again, same result, tried a third time ….

A square, going to start with a square and adjust from there. I am truly hook deficient. 

Growler Caddy (craft beer peeps only)

One day, I decided I needed a bag to carry a water bottle in. I had all this ugly brown cotton yarn that I had purchased to make a pad for my swiffer. After three tries and getting bored as fuck, I decided I could just use a washcloth on my swiffer. But what was I going to do with this ugly brown yarn? Make a bottle holder I decided. Except I made it too large.

img_5187img_5188However, it ended up being the perfect size for my 32 oz Growler, also know as a ‘Howler’. If you are confused, here is a picture. I hope Yonkers Brewery doesn’t sue me for copyright infringement for posting this picture.

The pattern is mine. It’s very simple, a base, sides and carrying strap. The PDF is posted before and on Ravelry. Here’s the catch, if you get it from here today or tomorrow, it’s free. If you get if from Ravelry it’s $2. BUT, there is a coupon code in the tags. Happy drinking and knitting!

Edit I couldn’t figure out how to sell patterns on Ravelry, here is the link to my paypal send me $2 I’ll send you the pattern.


Growler Caddy

Just wrote a pattern

For my hooded scarf. I decided to name it, Cables and Ruffles and I’m selling it on here. This is the link to my Paypal account, $5 gets you the pattern and access to me with any questions.

Buy it or don’t, I don’t give a heck.

$5 for Pattern

In the mail today

 This was in the mail. I ordered it quite awhile ago. It was “free”, i just had to pay shipping. 
It is smaller than i thought it would be, but being small is fine. Means i can carry it with my small knitting projects. 
The scissors have a nice feel to them. The only thing i can’t figure out is the thimble thingie, it is like a ring, so where do you wear it? 

Hi-tech fail

My phone is always with me, i do as much as i can on it. I downloaded the pattern for these gloves on my phone.

There is an app called jknit that one can save patterns to. It has a floating yellow bar to keep track of what line in the pattern or chart you are on. I have that app.

There is another app to keep track of what row you are on. Knit a row, tap the counter, finish a pattern series if rows, tap the other counter. I have this app also.

This is a glove, the directions call for and increase every third row, four times, then increase every fourth row four times. And how am i keeping track? On a piece of paper i write down the row number. If it’s an increase row i circle the number. Some habits are hard to break.


Red cable hat.

As you may have guessed, I fucking love cables. I would knit everything with cables if I could.

This pattern, as mentioned before is Agathis. This link will take you to my project page on Ravelry, you can see all the pictures I took of this project.

This pattern was very well written, I didn’t have any problem with it, I didn’t change anything and I love this hat. However, I have decided I am going to adapt the pattern to make a neck warmer or cowl.

The yarn is Simply Soft by Caron. A lot of knitters don’t like it because it splits. I have noticed that but I put up with it. I’m not a very fast knitter, and I can’t knit without looking, so I notice when the yarn has split and i missed a strand. There are two other reasons I put up with it. One is: I love how the yarn feels when the knitted garment (in this case a hat), it is so soft! The other reason is: No dye lots. If I buy red yarn and then don’t have enough to finish, I just go to the store and buy more. No dye lot, means it’ll match.

My next post will most likely be a rant about acrylic vs. wool.

The red hat

After I finished the gloves, I was supposed to make another pair, with purple yarn. I decided a needed a hat to match my coat. My coat is a red Eddie Bauer and is super warm. My super warm hat is purple, which I like, but I feel I need a red knitted hat to wear with my red Eddie Bauer coat.

299This is the first completed set of pattern rows. This is actually my second attempt. My first was the “Travelling Cables Beanie” which looked really nice in the book, but I wasn’t impressed with how it looked when I knitted it. It also looked too small so I slid it off the needles on to some waste yarn to try it on. I was right, it was too small. So I unknit it and cast on this pattern. This pattern is also cables. I just freaking love cables.

307This is after the second cable row, you get a better idea of how the cable look after you get the second one done. This is still the ‘ribbing’ part of the hat so it has a cabled ribbing and cables all the way up to the top. You can see the pattern here.