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I know this is not knitting 

This blanket has been a wip for forever, not literally but longer then I care to admit. I finally got it out, unfolded it and realized it was almost done. I sewed on the motifs I had finished, crocheted enough to finish the last row, and then decided that instead of crocheting the border and …

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>Holder for music player

>I got a new MP3 player, actually my first, unless you count the one I had to return because it didn’t work, but that is another story, for another day. It came with this awful plastic thing to stick it on your arm but I didn’t like it because it was, well, you know, awful. …

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>Flower Garden Afghan

> I have been working on these motifs forever. I found the pattern in a magazine, I don’t remember the name of the magazine, when I read it. Anyway, the magazine called it a paperweight afghan, but Em said the motifs reminded her of flowers. So I am calling it my flower garden afghan.

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