Getting it done

Last year was going to be the year of the wip. I was not successful. I think I may have been too general, too ambitious and therefore doomed myself to failure. This year I said, I have to finish 3 WIPs before starting anything new. It worked. The baby hat pictured here is WIP #4 and it is almost done. It s knitted from the top down, which is the opposite of most knitted hat patterns. I like doing it this way because it is easier to get the ribbed brim to the right size. In this case the hat was working up too big so I just did a few decreases to get it down to the correct size. At least, I hope it is the correct size!

This is WIP #3, or more accurately FO #3 since it wasn’t on the original list. I did a fucking shitty job on them, but since they are for me, I’m just going to wear them and bask in the glory. There are two reasons the gloves don’t match. One is I started the left glove with different yarn than I finished it with. The other thing is, I knitted the left glove with double-pointed needles and I knitted the right glove with magic loop. I have been told it makes a difference. I might make another left glove since that is the one I really fucked up the worst. But I’m kind of on a roll finishing things. However, the next time I knit gloves, I’m going to try knitting two at a time.

FO #2 is a hat for my nephew, and knitting project I am particularly proud of for three reasons.

  1. It was a lot of work and a new to me technique and I fucking nailed it!
  2. According to my other nephew, the nephew I made it for ‘wears it all the time’.
  3. A friend of mine, who doesn’t know my nephew, when he saw the picture, said: Oh your nephew is an EMT? Bonus! Fist pump!

These are FO #1 and the reason I am calling them #1 is I think I finished the hat in December 2018. They are also a matched set so 1 project don’t you know?

Anyway, now that I’m on a roll, I want to finish things I’ve started. Isn’t that weird?

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