It started with a dress

A red wool dress, this dress. You can tell by the ruler a very small dress. I checked out a book titled “Knit Red” because February is go red for women’s heart health awareness month. The dress also has three (3) firsts for me. 1. The first item I have knitted with wool. 2. The first time I have knitted an i-cord. 3. First time doing grafting or Kitchener stitch. It was a fun quick knit and it now hangs on my bulletin board at work.

Finishing up this dress encouraged me to pick up another small project, these little gloves. Click on the picture to go to my ravelry project page to see all the pictures I took.

One glove was done and the second one was almost to the end of the ribbing. That left the hand and fingers which really doesn’t take very long but I did make one major goof, which is kind of funny. First the back-story. I am making these gloves for Zara, who thinks I frog too many projects. Her usual comment when I say: “I made a mistake.” is, “You are the only one who will see it.” Back to the gloves, after I finished increasing for the thumb, I started knitting the rest of the hand, I had too many stitches, and couldn’t figure out what I had done, so I just decided to decrease and keep going, I sent a message to Zara, “I made a huge mistake on your gloves, but you won’t see it so oh well!” “Yay! That’s the spirit!” she replies. After I finished the first finger, I realized my mistake was I forgot what size gloves I was making.

In conclusion, I’m just going to mail her the gloves and hope she doesn’t notice or read this blog post.

Also I am not in love with this yarn and am not sure what to do with the rest of it.


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