How 10 stitches saved a WIP in prison. 

Another WIP I wanted to get to is this cotton blanket. I didn’t have a pattern, if I remember correctly I saw the blanket in a knitting magazine, bought a bunch of cotton yarn and started knitting, first a rectangle, then stripes all around the sides. This necessitated putting stitches from the side I had finished on a stitch holder when i went to the next side. After a while there were too many stitches for a holder and I started putting the stitches on a circular needle. Besides making for a rather cumbersome project, this meant not being able to use these needles and not being to accurately tell how big the blanket was.

When I decided to finish some WIP this year, I thought of this blanket and wondered what in the world to do with it. I didn’t want to undo it, I had done a considerable amount of work but had no idea how to continue. Than I saw the “10 Stitch Blanket”. It looked similar to my blanket but much nicer. I downloaded the pattern and did a small test knit. Not wanting to restart my blanket I had to figure out how to adapt the 10 Stitch to what I already had, as you can see, I figured something out.

This is the 10 Stitch Blanket, yes I stole the picture, don’t tell the designer. Clicking on the picture will take you to the pattern page on Ravelry where you can download this pattern for free.


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  1. Great post! It’s cool that you figured out something in the end.

    creativelyraye on Ravelry

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