Year of the wip

Wip=work in progress
The knitters in my knitting group talk about projects being put in ‘time-out’. Some of mine have been there so long it has become ‘long term confinement’. We’re talking prison time not jail. I decided this year i would dig out my wip’s and finish them. So far that hasn’t happened.

What has happened is when i’ve gotten my wip out, i’ve taken them apart and used the yarn for a new project. A cotton sweater (that was almost finished!) is now pads for Swiffer and washclothes. This wip was going to be a blanket. It still is, just a different pattern. Mainly because i don’t remember the old pattern and decided i really don’t like knitting on huge needles.

The pattern is a mitered square blanket. I found the directions on Tikki. Check it out, kind of tricky but not really hard. Also a good way to use up leftover yarn.

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