Unsolicited advice 

Today (or last night) i posted this on Facebook. It was posted in a private group but this is my picture so I can post it here. After a while someone posted the following comment: “Put it in Time Out, then throw it away & buy a nicer yarn & start the pattern again!”

I’ve been doing a slow burn since then. First because I wasn’t asking for advice. If you look at the post you can see I was just venting. Second was the phrase: “buy a nicer yarn”. That really burns me up. It seems rather condescending. Like I am a worse knitter because I use inexpensive yarn. Yes the yarn is ___ (insert chain craft store name here” brand and not expensive, but it is very nice yarn. The purple is knitting up like a dream. The only problem I’m having with the purple is because of the size, and I would have that problem no matter what yarn I used. I am severely allergic to wool so I can’t knit with it. This is the first time I’m doing knitting this pattern, I never use expensive yarn for the first time since the first time has a tendency to end up being a hot mess. At least in my experience.

After all the work and time I put into this project I’m going to throw it away? No way! I want to post a comment in response, “I didn’t ask for advice so please stop telling me what to do”, but I feel that be construed as being “Snarky” and I just might get thrown out for that.




  1. Oh no, what a shame. Don’t let that upset you, tone of voice is impossible to read online. My current project uses wool that I bought 24 balls of and it unravels. I am a tiny bit gutted! I hope you get your project finished.

    • Thank you for your kind words. You are right about tone of voice online. Keep knitting!

  2. I tried to post a comment on your blog but it apparently didn’t save. 😑

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