Growler Caddy (craft beer peeps only)

One day, I decided I needed a bag to carry a water bottle in. I had all this ugly brown cotton yarn that I had purchased to make a pad for my swiffer. After three tries and getting bored as fuck, I decided I could just use a washcloth on my swiffer. But what was I going to do with this ugly brown yarn? Make a bottle holder I decided. Except I made it too large.

img_5187img_5188However, it ended up being the perfect size for my 32 oz Growler, also know as a ‘Howler’. If you are confused, here is a picture. I hope Yonkers Brewery doesn’t sue me for copyright infringement for posting this picture.

The pattern is mine. It’s very simple, a base, sides and carrying strap. The PDF is posted before and on Ravelry. Here’s the catch, if you get it from here today or tomorrow, it’s free. If you get if from Ravelry it’s $2. BUT, there is a coupon code in the tags. Happy drinking and knitting!

Edit I couldn’t figure out how to sell patterns on Ravelry, here is the link to my paypal send me $2 I’ll send you the pattern.


Growler Caddy


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