Red cable hat.

As you may have guessed, I fucking love cables. I would knit everything with cables if I could.

This pattern, as mentioned before is Agathis. This link will take you to my project page on Ravelry, you can see all the pictures I took of this project.

This pattern was very well written, I didn’t have any problem with it, I didn’t change anything and I love this hat. However, I have decided I am going to adapt the pattern to make a neck warmer or cowl.

The yarn is Simply Soft by Caron. A lot of knitters don’t like it because it splits. I have noticed that but I put up with it. I’m not a very fast knitter, and I can’t knit without looking, so I notice when the yarn has split and i missed a strand. There are two other reasons I put up with it. One is: I love how the yarn feels when the knitted garment (in this case a hat), it is so soft! The other reason is: No dye lots. If I buy red yarn and then don’t have enough to finish, I just go to the store and buy more. No dye lot, means it’ll match.

My next post will most likely be a rant about acrylic vs. wool.


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