The red hat

After I finished the gloves, I was supposed to make another pair, with purple yarn. I decided a needed a hat to match my coat. My coat is a red Eddie Bauer and is super warm. My super warm hat is purple, which I like, but I feel I need a red knitted hat to wear with my red Eddie Bauer coat.

299This is the first completed set of pattern rows. This is actually my second attempt. My first was the “Travelling Cables Beanie” which looked really nice in the book, but I wasn’t impressed with how it looked when I knitted it. It also looked too small so I slid it off the needles on to some waste yarn to try it on. I was right, it was too small. So I unknit it and cast on this pattern. This pattern is also cables. I just freaking love cables.

307This is after the second cable row, you get a better idea of how the cable look after you get the second one done. This is still the ‘ribbing’ part of the hat so it has a cabled ribbing and cables all the way up to the top. You can see the pattern here.


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