Not so hot

After knitting a few fingerless mitts, I figured I could do a fingerless glove. I went to Ravelry and found a pattern. This is how it turned out. As you can see, it is way too big.

Since I am in a Knit and Chat group on Facebook, I of course posted the picture. It got immediate response, right now it has 91 likes and 37 comments. Most are nice but some are, “should have checked the gauge” and, “should have taken into account the size of your hands.” YES I KNOW, thanks for making me feel like an idiot you fucking bitches. It was after the third or fourth time reading comments I was ready to post “YES I CHECKED THE FUCKING GAUGE YOU BITCHES.” The funny (or not funny) thing is, whenever I check the gauge on a knitting pattern, the item knitted is never to size!

It makes me want to leave the group. Except most of the time they are pretty nice.


1 Comment

  1. They should chill. We’re all guilty of taking caution to the wind and skipping that step. And besides, gauges lie sometimes! Especially if the yarn is fiddly.

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