Hot off the needles (HOTN)

img_4444This Christmas I was supposed to go “home”, which is in quotes because it’s not really home. I refer to where my BFF and her family live as home because I lived there for 20 years so it feels like home. She sent me a text saying her husband had a cold and she didn’t want me to get sick. Yesterday instead of cleaning and otherwise getting ready to head up there, I watched videos and knitted.

This hat is named “Capucine”, the link will take you to my Ravelry project page with the details. If you don’t trust my links, go to and search for Capucine, or bellafoxx, that is my user name on Ravelry.

It is made with bulky yarn so it knits up pretty quickly. The first time I made it went fast, but I didn’t like it, it was too big, the front edge almost covered my eyes. So I unknit it and tried again, this time with cables. The cables weren’t a good idea, so I had to unknit it again. The third time, I did it according to pattern except I decreased the number of rows knitted before decreasing for the crown, this way it didn’t hang into my eyes.

Two things I like about this hat is, it covers my ears without squeezing them and it covers the ugly scar on my eyebrow.


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