This is one of the first necklaces I made, I didn’t post it earlier because my face is in the picture and I didn’t like how I looked, then I learned to crop, in fact, I was cropping all the other pictures in this blog to show off the jewelry better when I found this and decided to add it. I made the beads with some bead stuff, its a polymer and you bake it, the road runner is from a necklace D got for me in Arizona, the chain it was on turned my neck funny colors. You could say this is the necklace that started it all, and I still have it.



  1. >Your jewelry is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.Dianefrom WW

  2. >Thank you for your kind words. Someday I plan to start a website to sell them. Until then, I want people to see them and let me know what they think of them.

  3. >I like it. Where did you pick up the roadrunner charm?

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